I am a Data Scientist with extensive industry experience and an electrical engineering background. Experienced in machine learning, predictive analytics, time series forecasting and distributed computing. I have a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst (US) and a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from McMaster University (Canada).  Lifelong learner, continuously improving and an advocate of effective communication of data science methods and results.


I have a great liking for anything technology-related. I grew up with computers and knew software programming before they became popular. An electronic device is not just something to use – I wanted to understand how it worked and that’s why I studied the aforementioned field in unversities.

I have a passion for DSLR photography. I enjoy playing sports, including my favorite, tennis. Having a great social life, eating healthy and staying active keeps me smiling. Expanding my knowledge and learning new skills to me is a life-long journey that I shall honor.